A Wife for Tom, Ruth Ann Nordin

You know when you choose a book and you think you can tell what it is from the front cover?

I did that, I feel ashamed that I judged a book by it’s cover but do you know what? I have honestly learnt my lesson.

However when I did choose this book for some reason I hadn’t realised that it was set 200 years ago! Reading this on the kindle I felt this was a lovely story to escape into deep south America and to read what things were like back then, including ‘courting’ (I love that word, old fashioned yet quaint!)

The story became a bit predictable at times and sometimes I do like a story like that, it was nice not to have to use my brain too much especially as I was on holiday at the time!

Tom was a lovely character, strong and confident when it came to his job and lifestyle but when it came to finding a wife he was the most anxious and clumsy person! His annoying sibling Joel would bring a smile to my face, not because my annoying siblings (and believe me they were and still are sometimes!) but because it brought a bit of comedy to a ‘cute’ love story.

If you’re after an easy light read I would recommend it and I see that there is a follow on from this called a husband for Margaret! Which looked quite interesting, after managing to bag herself someone from putting an advert in the newspaper!