Ink That Bleeds

I started a new job a few months ago to discover that one of my colleagues is a fellow writer, seeing the opportunity to read it whilst on holiday (as that seems to be the only time I get to read nowadays) I downloaded it. Ended up not being able to wait till we got to Fuerterventura I read it on the flight.

This was a lovely introduction to the way Hannah writes, the detail in the story telling was brilliant! I don’t normally read dark fiction like this, but the way it was written was not only enticing but beautiful!  I did love the warehouse story and felt like I knew what the ending would be and I was wrong (I hate being wrong!), but it was a lovely story as were the other stories.

I have to say, that this writing is extremely aritculate and really enjoyable.  Hannah has a fantastic way of writing, and the reason I keep saying how well this is written is because she recently told me that she thought it wasn’t that great.  BUT Hannah, I’m telling you now this books is brilliant and you’ve got a style of writing which I would love!

I recommend this and will be waiting for her next publications Cellars and Daisy’s Dead.