For Joel…..

My (not so little) nephew graduated yesterday, making me realise once again how proud I am of him.  I sent him a card which inside read a poem, wrote especially for him.

You were once a little boy who brought us all so much joy,
I hadn’t realised that day you were born that you could be as loud as a car horn.
The times you stood up and read and the times that you got up and said,
That how proud you were to be a Whitfield, and that you liked your beetroot peeled.


The memories of when you were young, those days we’d spend playing on the lawn.
It was either the paddling pool or the water slide, that was cool!
You had a singing voice of an angel, in other words you sang quite well.
You grew at a rate of a knots which still makes be feel short ALOT.

As for for the attention you got from the girls, lets just say you didn’t need to buy any of them pearls.
School plays you always made us proud, which always (when funny) made everyone laugh out loud.
In sports especially football, you made the other players look like goof balls.
And you always know what the football scores are and you knew your Tunisian Dinar!
Then you got your job at Sainsburys you worked your little socks off,
You also loved cooking and had the skills that could make the bake off.


I can’t believe that it has arrived and that you’re a graduate already,
it doesn’t seem so ago that you were still just a little baby.
Then when the first time you used Gillette, you thought you were a babe manget!
The first time I took you both through the car wash, you thought we would all get squashed.


Uncle Mike and I are so proud of you and will be thinking of you today,
That you made it all these years without us leading you astray!
Graduating has been such an achievement and I know you’ll realise this,
But also that now it’s over, that life can be such bliss.

Love you Joel, and we’re so so so proud of you xxx