Told by a blonde…

So you fancy going blonde or you would like to know what it’s like to be one?  If the answer to that quesiton is yes, then you’ve come to the right place.  I have been blonde for teh best part of 36-37 years of my life, those extra years that are missing is when I fancied a change or when I went through my goth phase and had black hair (yes yes, unfortunately it did happen!)

So, here is first of all the best thing about being blonde (always start with the pros my mum always said!)

I am always being told that I look younger than what I am, I know I have young genes (which i’ve inherited, thanks mum and dad!) which is great now that I am 40 but when I tried to get served in the pub when I had just turned 18 was not so great.

On the subject of looking younger, grey hair doesn’t show as much when it comes through!  Something else that doesn’t show is dandruff!

Also, when I can’t be bothered to wash my hair (which, I confess is more often nowadays) I can totally get away with a bit of talc on the roots to stop it looking greasy.

Blondes have more fun!  Well, this is a bit of a myth which Marilyn Monroe (rest in peace dear soul) had everyone thinking.  I have friends who have more fun than me, and guess what?  Only one of them is blonde!


One of my favourite things about being blonde is looking good in black, I have a wardrobe which includes 50% of black which goes perfect with blonde hair!


So, I can’t go through the positives about being blonde without mentioned the downsides to being blonde so in no particular order, because I find them all a little bit annoying.

Static!  I cannot go a day without getting some sort of shock; from the car, a filing cabinet at work, the photocopier or even from another person!  My poor husband has had so many shocks from me that it’s on boderline domestic violence 😔

People think that blondes aren’t that clever.  Yes, I know it’s a stereotype thing but people still do it now.  At first the blonde jokes were funny, but sometimes I smile and pretend I find it funny but inside I want to shave their head and give them a blonde wig.  However, on the plus side I can use this to my advantage when I make a mistake I do use the phrase “Oh I had a blonde moment!”

A down side (which I find most annoying) is that even being blonde naturally you do have those ‘dark’ roots which means you are forever on a regular basis covering them.  That and that your eyebrows are not as blonde as your hair make people believe you’re not a natural blonde and yes, people have commented in the past!

I must like being blonde, I’ve been blonde most of my life!  I like being blonde, if anyone is thinking about it then do it, jokes aside I do have fun now and then!