Her love for Westlife’s Mark

There is a story to go with this one, although the story doesn’t involve with me but a colleague, Hannah.  Hannah has had a major crush on Mark Feehily every since she can remember.  Today she attended a record signing at the local HMV which was published on Facebook to start at 1pm, but when she arrived the staff were clearing everything away!  It turned out that they had published the WRONG  TIME and was an hour late!!  She was devastated, and rightly so!

But this morning she was saying that she wasn’t sure what to say as she could be a bit star struck, excited and nervous all at once (she could’ve fainted!).  I did have a moment when I thought, what on earth would I say if I met Donnie Wahlberg apart from ‘I love you’ which isn’t technically true because I don’t actually know him.

So to help her out, I wrote a little something.  I know she can’t read it to him now but I’m hoping that it will cheer her up a bit….along with this picture of him.

mark from westlife


I know you must get this all the time,
But since I was eleven I wish you were mine.
When you came out and shared that you were gay,
I even found a soulmate that could be yours today!

I used to study your music and moves,
I’d sing and dance in my bedroom (not like other local youths.)
I would have been chuffed that today I’d have met you,
I’d love to marry you but we will have to make do!

However, she didn’t get to meet him which was sad…….

……poor Hannah x