The girl they call Molly

When she arrived in this world with a smile and opened her eyes after a while.
The first request was plain and simple, she needed unconditional love with or without a pimple.
Of course everyone complied, we were almost always side by side.
She used to look up to me, but not now as I’m still five foot three!
Even if the clouds were dark and grey, she always had her way,
of making things brighter, with her jokes and constant banter!

I used to pretend she was my little girl, and we would walk around the shops giving everything a whirl.
Whatever she wears she always looks pretty and she’s never going to be too old for Hello Kitty.
She can own as many handbags and shoes as she likes as long as she doesn’t wear heels when riding a bike!
I hope she never lets anyone tell her how to run her bubble, but I wouldn’t want her to get in any trouble.
If he brings her a cup of tea in bed, then he is the one to wed.
However, if he makes her cry more than once a year he is so not worth any of her tears.

I am so proud of my girl every day, and hope she lives life to the full all the way.
I loved the moments she needed me, and will always be here whenever that may be.
I miss the times when she was ever so little, but now we do still have a giggle.
We’ve always had a special connection, which I felt when I held her through her first ear infection.
She was a best friend for me, when I lost my number three.

I know she is now a woman, but she’ll always be a girl to me.
And the family phrase which sums it all up; “aren’t we lucky!”