6 things to do before I’m 40.

Ok so I’m not leaving myself much time here, because this happens in 16 days!


This means that I do need to make these pretty realistic and have the ability to, erm, well…..accomplish them. So taking this into consideration, here goes!

1. Get to grips with the new job.  Oh yeah did I mention I got a new job, been in the role a couple of months now in a student office working more directly with the students that study undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in the politics field (could be communicating with a future member of Parliament or prime minister!)

2. Start to act like a 40 year old should act. People that know me know that I can be a it of a joker, some people like it some people don’t but I’m thinking that I act more like a 20 year old than a 30 something, almost 40 (you know the more I say it the more I’m getting used to it)!

3. Cook a proper meal without supervision without burning anything, and that is literally what it is and I don’t mean a bowl of pasta or beans on toast.

4. Try and gain some energy, I will not give in and let me body take me to the next generation without a fight so I’ll just have to do more boxing and be more and more active!!

5. Relax. So that may sound a bit contradictory, however ever since I was younger (I think it started when I did my GCSEs) I do get quite anxious and when I do I tense up which has resulted in having back problems.  I would really really love to stop my back problems and I’m hoping if I relax more (and my husband is always saying I don’t release enough) let’s see if it helps!

6. Spending time with the ones I love, this I know I will accomplish because I shall see them all in on evening and before you all say that’s cheating, I’m not thinking of it as cheating but using the opportune moment!