I’m just not feeling it….

Really??  My blog is empty this last month!!  I need to do more, but with everything else things just slip.  I have a list longer than my arm of things to do, but I just don’t feel motivated enough to do it.


Does anyone else get like this?  I mean ‘meh’ really?  I get to the weekends now and that’s it, me done in!  I feel almost guilty because my husband is doing overtime at the moment, working his little socks off and I’m just sat starring at the computer screen 😦

I wouldn’t say I’m in a bad mood, but I need a bit of umph!


Oh yeah and the other thing is I’m a bit number in a few weeks and I think it’s hit me, although things like that never bothered me before?!

Ok, I know what’ll fix this mood!  Let’s dance!