Love for Estonia

Well I’m back!  Well I’ve been back for a few days now, but had to celebrate eight years of marriage to my wonderful husband in style and then I started a new job in the University so most nights I hadn’t intended on doing anything after my brain had somewhat soaked up a lot of information!

When I woke up yesterday morning I wondered if I had actually had a holiday, then felt my feet and how tired they were so yes remembered the most active holiday I’ve had in a long long time!  But you know when you’ve had an active holiday but thoroughly loved EVERY minute…..this was one of those!

We stayed at the Hotel Shnelli which was a good clean hotel, great location and even though we were right next to the main train station it surprisingly wasn’t that noisy.  A, because they have triple glazing (I didn’t even know you could get triple glazing) and B, the trains are not noisy like the ones we have in the UK.  The only thing that stopped me from having lack of sleep was the late sunsets and early sunrises (seriously, some nights just having about 4 hours sleep!)  Would be good if we had thicker curtains ūüėČ hint hint!

The Old Town in Tallinn is beautiful, and I would highly recommend it to anyone who likes discovering places and the architecture was just out of this world.  BUT you have to have comfy shoes, no heels ladies, and I am NOT joking.  I walked behind a local with heels on and she fell over TWICE, and it was nasty!

My protector
My protector

We spent a couple of days exploring the Town, the open top bus tour which helped us get our bearings and we discovered some beautiful places such as Kadriorg Palace and Park.

Kadriorg Palace

We also took a trip to the TV Tower that was situated in an area in Tallinn called Laiakula and enjoyed the stunning views from there.


We also hit the festival (and yes hitting it would be literally speaking!) this was full of people from all over Europe participating in drinking the local beer and eating the local food (mostly meat in fact) and it was all delicious but once I discovered Cloudy Lemon Brothers Cider I was hooked!

We also watched anxiously as bungee jumpers took turns, people on swings that went right over (and if you were wearing a dress you could go on for free!) and locals ran across a mixture of paint and some sort of rubber (the minute you slowed down you sunk!)


The main event was Placebo (which we couldn’t make) and Cardigans (we were there!) but we also watched a singer called Koit Toome, I had never heard of him but my friend who is from Estonia told me about he had grown up listening to this singer so we all sung along in Estonian (we attempted it!)  We also watched a Led Zeplin session (head banging was an understatement) and a tribute singer for Stevie Wonder so they pretty much had music to cater for everyone!

On our last full day we did a tour with a local guide who took us to Lahemaa National Park, visiting the Paldiski submarine ruins, J√§gala juga and Kolga m√Ķis in the morning.  Stopping for lunch at K√§smu, a fishing village with a museum for lunch which consisted of freshly caught salmon with local additions to it including Rye Bread.

A view alongside of Paldiski Submarine Ruins
Sauna on the beach....perfection!
Sauna on the beach….perfection!

In the afternoon we stopped at a small village called Altja k√Ķrts and  after a little walk for about 20 minutes of looking at beautiful houses in the village the woodlands opened up to a beautiful beach where all the locals go called Altja rand.  We finished the tour by walking a stretch of nearly 3 miles of Lahemaa rahvuspark, which consisted of untouched woodlands and bogs.  Our whole group practically collapsed back into the bus to come back to Tallinn and needless to say I slept extremely well that night!

The walkway between the untouched park.
Not JUST a bog,but an Estonian bog!

All the holiday I wore my FitBit and counted up that we walked over 30 miles the whole time we were there, I was hoping that would counteract against the food I was indulging on out there but that didn’t work unfortunately!


It was sad to leave Estonia, it’s the most beautiful place I’ve ever been to and I hope that I get the chance to go back there again one day (hopefully to the festival again) and I have to thank our friends Ilmar (friend who lives in UK, but originates from Estonia) & David for sharing this beautiful country with us.

I shall leave you with this photo that was taken at a 1am sunset on the beach one night…..