I want what I don’t have?

Is it me or are we full of a society of people wanting what we don’t have?

Even as a child, I wanted to be taller, (I’m 5 foot 3) curlier hair (you literally couldn’t get any straighter hair than mind) and even live in town (brought up in the country).  Obviously now I appreciate it and I’m glad that I was brought up in the country, that I’m short (in a ‘best things come in small packages’ kind of way) and that my hair is straight (still very grateful for my ghds thought!)

But as we grow up, get older, wiser (well) gain more knowledge, possibly some common sense and self esteem (well most of us anyway) should we or should we not appreciate what we do have and stop whining and even sometimes punishing ourselves for what we haven’t got/achieved in life?  My goal was a family, and although I don’t have it completely yet I do love my life BUT I am just over half way there with the house and husband (very grateful for that by the way!)

But on a daily basis I read status’ on Facebook and Twitter and I have to say, there are still people out there wanting what they can’t have.  Wanting a holiday of a lifetime when they have over 5 children, which I have to say, unless you win the lottery or have very very high paying jobs #nevergoingtohappen.  Enjoy what you have got and remember there’s someone else out there who wants what you have, although I don’t know if I could cope with 5 of the little monsters and trust me if they were mine, they would be monsters!  Sometimes even people saying they want a different sex of child because they have too many of the other (trust me I’ve seen and heard it).

Also, I don’t know if following celebrities on Twitter helps with this, knowing that you can read tweets from your favourite ‘A’ lister talking about how perfect their life is and that’s ultimately your ideal world, but to be honest they probably get sick of it and would love just to get away from the limelight or just go down the street and not be recognised.  I do love following certain celebrities but I have to be careful not to get carried away in the ‘dreaming’ of having lots of money or being famous and living a life in the lime light (although not sure what I’d be famous for?!)

And if you are short, and want to be taller or the opposite I’m sorry I can’t help with that apart from suggest standing in compost as my grandad always suggested?  I could never put my feet in that stuff so I don’t know if would work, but if you try it, please send me a picture!


If I have achieved at least one person smile or pee in their pants a little, my blog was not wasted and I have achieved what I wanted.