My Estonian, Justine Petrone

A friend of mine leant me this book to read, I am off to Tallinn in a couple of weeks for a holiday and saw it as an opportunity to read about local culture and hear about the local sights and prepare myself. Although the second chapter in I realised that this was a story of an American guy (Justin Petrone) who ended up travelling via Tallinn on a placement as a journalist.

It tells a story of him making friends with different nationalities including an Estonian girl whom he fell for, Epp was a girl who not only stole his heart but opened his eyes to many different things such as living quarters in different countries and the characters he meets along the way and the sights he sees!

Delve into this little number for a fabulous read that has it all….humour, sightseeing, action and love! He also has a blog Justin Petrone which I’ve started to read and books that follow on from this one Amazon

It’s made me feel more excited about my upcoming trip to Tallinn and I’m really looking forward to it, thank you to Ilmar and David for inviting us xx