Love where you are, please?

I have just been looking through fellow bloggers post, pictures of natural beauty; Central Park in New York and Hyde Park in London amongst other exotic locations.  I live in Hampshire in the UK I should enjoy it more, which I do try to. Living on the edge of the New Forest being able to go to Boldrewood where the deer will come out from behind the trees! 

I am also very lucky to work right next to Southampton Common so when the weather is dry I use my lunch hour to wonder over there to watch the local dogs run about and the swans staying out the way of the children playing.

But today I stayed on the university campus, I forgot how beautiful the campus was and for a moment of serenity I felt like I was the only one here. I think next time I feel like I don’t appreciate where I live, the next time I want to be somewhere else I shall try and close my eyes and remember all the beautiful local places I have near me…..

 …..and most importantly, last of all my little own sanctuary, my back garden!