Begin again…the film that could change your life.

Firstly apologies for any errors, did this in my lunch hour on my phone! I had a moment where I was having a bad day and remembering this film ‘perked’ me up!

The movie that changed my life?

Ok so maybe that’s an exaggeration, it didn’t change my life really but it made me think differently about life…not to take things for granted and to enjoy every day as it comes.

I just have to say the first thing that I love about this film is Keira Knightly’s voice, wow it’s like an angel singing from heaven! Too much? Ok she has a beautiful voice, I had no idea! I always assumed that actresses either had the acting ability or the voice but it seems she has both? To be honest this, Love Actually and the Pirates of the Caribbean films are the only films I’ve seen her in, but the two later I wasn’t really paying too much attention to her…

But seriously though, ok it’s a bit chic lit so if you like chic lit you’ll love it but if you’re not really into chick lit normally maybe you should just pretend it’s an action film and act surprised at the end (just to make yourself feel better).

I have to talk about Adam Levine, I always knew him as front man of that fantastic band Maroon 5 but this film has also made me re think my love for music, that voice is pretty amazing. Although don’t go much on his character, bit of a weed! I shall let him off for being so pretty though!  

I personally love the music in the film, very potent (is that the right word?) I’m currently sat listening to the soundtrack on my lunch hour as I have felt the film has given me something I can’t put into words but all I can say is that the music makes me feel happy and positive about life so every opportunity i will be listening to it!

This is current view on my lunch hour, feel so lucky 🙂