Long lost.

I keep doing this, I say I’m going to come back then I disappear into thin air but I’m back, whether it’ll be temporary or permanent no one will ever know but I’m back now so I’ll try and make the most of the next three hours I have to spend with my readers and all those little buds in my head which my mother calls my vivd imagination.

This month has been a bit of a windrush, I shall use that word because it’s been windy outside and my hair has had so many different styles I think i could give Madonna a run for her money (she had many different hairstyles if you don’t know, just google it).  My Worzel Gummage head changing moments have been more regular than usual


I had an interview a couple of weeks ago and got offered the job (yay me!) and start there on the 8th July so pleased and looking forward to that, as well as our holiday to Tallinn….we fly on the 1st July!  I’m so excited about going, plus I’m going to my first ever festival Ollesummer!


Unfortunately I’ve been suffering with my back and it’s been bad in the past, but I’ve had a couple of moments where I couldn’t move.  But going back a week I went to pick up some Body Shop goodies last week and the lady there had this DoTerra thing in the corner of the Dining room and I was intrigued what it was, but half an hour later I left knowing that you can put essential oil on the bottom of your feet and components can help with different things but felt sceptical.


So yesterday I got my iPad out and started to read through what essential oils can help with back problems, and there were quite a few.  Frankincense was the one that stuck out, but I didn’t have any but Tea Tree was listed so I thought ‘oh hell what can i loose’ so I went up to the bathroom cabinet and poured some in my hands and rubbed the bottom of my feet.  Half an hour later wanting a hot drink I gingerly sat up in bed and that’s when I realised the pain had gone!  Ok, so now a miracle cure?  Well kind of, I was so pleased that I could now manage to walk up and down the stairs not in agony.

This morning I got excited and put some more on my feet after a shower, but it doesn’t seem to be having the same effect so I don’t think I’ll be dancing much today.


I do have a couple of reviews to do, which hopefully will follow….just need another cup of tea first!