When nothing else is left to say….put on the TV.

Well it’s that time of the week again, yes yes yes Sunday night and I know how happy it makes people feel to know that it’s only one more sleep till Monday morning (ergh) unless you work seven or six days a week which you have my fullest sympathy but I am so so pleased that I only do a 5-day week!


Oh yeah…

So I have been busy, honestly and I didn’t get any kicks for not blogging but I had an email last night asking me if I was still alive?  Very funny by the way thanks for that!still_alive

The most important thing is that I’m not sat around doing nothing, no.  Well when I’m sat in front of the television does that count?  OMG there is so much on Netflix I I have watched in the last few months, so much good stuff on there!  Trouble is I do get a little bit consumed by them…

So it started with Dexter, then Breaking Bad, oh then of course the new series on 24 came back so we had to watch the old ones to catch up, then, let me see there was Better Call Saul the new spin off from Breaking Bad.  The Attorney comes back (can I say) actually in a more entertaining programme than Breaking Bad and I literally cannot wait till the next season!  So I was talking about the whole getting consumed by these programmes?  So funny, when I was watching Better Call Saul it had me thinking could I have BEEN a lawyer reality hit when things happened I didn’t understand but I still enjoyed it.


Then there was House of Cards, now in the past I wasn’t a huge fan of Kevin Spacey, I’m ashamed to say because I hated that film American Beauty BUT I watched this because so many people said how good it was and now I take back everything I ever said about him, he’s an amazing actor and I love this programme….but to be honest his wife Clare scares me more, wow brilliant performances from all in this programme!


When this finished I didn’t know where to turn, I mean I really got into Gotham and that was due to end….Sean Pertwee yummy by the way!

Then another one that was recommended Orange is the new Black, on Netflix.  We started this just over a week ago and we’ve nearly finished season 1 already!  All the characters are brilliant and I wish I’d started this sooner, Crazy eyes one of the characters is very very crazy and as the story has gone on I now think she’s the funniest of all of them.  This has scary moments where you realise how lucky you are not to be in prison but sometimes there are times when I think clearly they are having way too much fun in there in more ways than one 😉


So clearly my life has been consumed with thanks to Netflix, but not complaining I love it!  It makes me happy….tumblr_m70szkckLN1qjabnao1_500