If you fall I will catch you, I will be waiting….

Who sung this out loud and finished off with the chorus?  I woke up with this in my head this morning and I have no idea why but I can’t stop singing it now!  I think subconsciously I was singing it because I would love some time after time after time after….you get the picture!


So here we are, Easter already I’m not entirely sure where the year is going.  One minute it’s New Year and we’re all up for new beginnings and starting afresh and looking forward to 2015 and BANG along comes Easter and conveniently the sun has got his hat on (when he feels like it!)

So I’ve made it through another year, another year of being happy!  Yay!  In the back of my mind I remember what it was like to feel low and I’m pretty happy with how things are going right now.  Am I sounding a little bit too optimistic?  Shall I tone it down a bit do you think?


I’ve finished my college course now, so I’m now able to make a full set of curtains (although I’ve not found the fabric I like) went in Laura Ashley (yes apparently I have expensive taste) and saw a lovely fabric, but at £22.50 per metre (and that’s the sale) I think I’ll have to keep looking!  But in the meantime I have been making other items of clothing, mainly tops 🙂



I have seen a light at the end of the tunnel with my book, having started it this time last year and re-doing it recently (I didn’t like it and started from he beginning) I’m finally getting to the end and changing the ending it harder than what I thought but hopefully it’ll be worth it!

My husband moves off campus into the city centre of Southampton with work, I shall miss our lunch time walks over the common but his department apparently no longer needs to be on main campus and hopefully he has a nice 6th floor view of a big blue lunch box (aka Ikea) and he can see the cruise liners that come in!

common with mike

Hope you all have a lovely day and don’t eat too much chocolate x