It’s all work and no play….ok that’s a lie!

So it’s been a while huh?  I’m sorry, I know usually you skip past my blogs to the most interesting ones but I know you always come back for a bit of light heartedness…..see you’re smiling already!

Say cheese

So my weeks have been pretty much taken up with work, work and oh work!  Life at the University has been pretty much full on with setting up surveys for the lovely students to give feedback on all the teaching that happens in our faculty.

Survey Monkey strikes

Then there’s lunch times, mostly taken up with walking with husband over the common or with fitness enthusiast friend who is getting married and moving house in the next eighteen months or so..

Picture taken on Southampton Comment, where you can just see the view of a cruise liner in the distance!

AND then there’s my lunches with my work colleague/best-friend-at-work/fellow-sewing-bee-friend/and taxi driver…..ok so that last one is a bit of exaggeration, but she’s been giving me lifts as late especially one particular friday night when erm…..I was a bit tipsy!

My work colleagues will kill me if they find out I've put this one on.....
My work colleagues will kill me if they find out I’ve put this one on…..

Then I had days when I saw these special ladies….

Ava giving Millie a cuddle hoping she’ll join in with her picnic.
Amelie shared her plastic fruit with me.

And lunch out with this dude…

Me and Caiden ‘do’ lunch!

And how could I forget, there is also college, yes yes no rest for the wiked eh?  I started just over a month ago doing a soft furnishings course at my local college!  I’ve been mainly making curtains; set lining, loose lining, black out lining and bog standard curtains with no lining!  But we have made the occasional cushion, but my focus is all about those window features!


I’ve wanted new curtains for our front bedroom window for ages and it worked out so much cheaper to learn how to do it myself and make them rather than pay someone else to do it!  AND I get the satisfaction of knowing I’ve done them myself!  Bonus!


I have also been doing other sewing projects, but the curtain making has just about taken priority for the time being whilst I doodle in my book with ideas for new items of clothing and ideas….watch this space 🙂

Anyhoo what stunning weather we had last week (on valentines day), it couldn’t go to waste so we spent a few hours down at Milford-on-Sea.  Located between by the New Forest and Dorset the beach had a lovely view of the Needles of the Isle of Wight (or as I still call it like I did as a child the Isle of Wigit!)  It’s next to Keyhaven which boasts a mahoooosive bird sanctuary which I didn’t know, but when all the birds came to visit we knew about it, I couldn’t hear anything for the noise they made!

It looks warmer than it was…..

So there we are, that has pretty much summed up the last few weeks I’ve been absent from blogging!  If I miss another week, please kiss me up the a*se and tell me off! Or you could kick me, I wouldn’t want anyone to go through THAT! (Bloody autocorrect!)