Fun Friday? Really? Or could it be fantastic?

So my Friday feeling is not the usual Friday feeling, this one is anticipation of whether this weekend will be restful….you see I have lots of things I would like to try and cram in this weekend, a bit of writing (because I don’t do enough to be getting this damn book published by the time I was aiming for!)

a bit of sewing (I still have a skirt to be taken in and all that fabric to make stuff with….

and I now have a designated sewing room/junk room (lucky me). Actually I must think of a new name for that room, because it has my table with the sewing machine as well as a wardrobe (for said junk) and space for a sofa bed (at a later stage) and ‘the junk room’ just doesn’t do it for me!

Any ideas????

PS. Isn’t this room just adorable, would be an amazing ‘creative room!’