Ok ok ok, who hid 2014? Where did she go????

Another year has flown by so quick I don’t know where it went….anyone know who stole 2014???

Ok, so admittedly I wasn’t going to do this because I’ve done this sooooooo many times and end up giving up in March or April.  BUT having heard everyone elses (and yes, Facebook status’ count).

My New Years Resolutions (as written by me and my subconscious):

Don’t think that for one second that the minute you start going to the gym more regularly that you will see it through to the end of the year, because we both know you won’t.  However, having said that, You’ve done well this year so maybe if you could carry on the way you’re going (and here’s hoping that damn back improves) you will be able to run to the top of the road and back without being out of breath!!

You also said this year that by the end of this year you wanted to loose two stone, well you almost did it so a pat on the back (but not too hard).  However, there’s the issue of that 5 pound you didn’t quite get off.  So you need to jump back on that wagon and get it off by the end of January so then you have eleven months to loose some more, stop blaming your condition and use it to work harder.

Get that bloody book finished, you have readers waiting and they won’t wait around forever (although one in particular might but you don’t want to piss her off!) Give yourself credit for what you’ve accomplished but also timetable in the time to do it while you can because one day you will be wishing you had.  And try and do at least three blogs a week, you know it’s easy once you start so get on with it!

Relax but don’t be lazy, and you know exactly what I mean end of….be more like Millie 😊

IMG_2136Stop worrying about EVERYTHING, and live your life to the full, make the most of it and like a wise lady once said to you a couple of weeks ago you make your own fate!

Part of me is wondering if this is all total follocks?  Maybe, but to make up for it and to end the last blog for 2014 on a positive theme I’m going to name my fave best moments from this year, contrary to what my brother, nephew and father say! (yes yes yes that’s all the men in my family)

In May I went to see the boyz (aka NKOTB, aka New Kids on the Block) yes you heard it right, this was in my top five memories for 2014 because I love them all and I had an amazing night with my bf drinking wine, eating food and singing and dancing along to Hanging Tough….felt 13 again!!

IMG_0143Milan, no Lanzarote….no Milan, wait!  I love all my holidays so I’ll count them both as one.  I think seeing the Last Supper by Leonardo Di Vinci was pretty amazing, but so was the view over the Timanfaya.

Walks over the common in my lunch hours were a good memory for me of 2014, I hope to carry on with the tradition even though my fellow walker will not be on campus for much longer! (boooooo hiss)IMG_0094

Having almost a whole week with my girl (niece from Devon) was one of my favourite moments, she came and stayed with us and we had the best time (I never wanted it to end) going up to London for the day, lunch in sprinkles and spending a day sewing with her was pretty cool but the funniest was when we did the ‘ice bucket’ challenge together after being so generously nominated by the other niece (Molly, geee thanks!)IMG_1331

It’s the most recent memory and the one that will hang on more, my friends little girl at IMG_2292the end of last year managed to say my name (she was 2 at the time) which is a huge achievement (my name is lonnnnng).  But a couple of weeks ago, she said Auntie Annabel which (almost) made me cry.  One of the moments of my life I shall never ever forget, she’s three years old and is so adorable (and I’m so not being biased).

So that’s it, ending on a happier moment for 2014 and if 2015 is anything like that bring it on……Happy New Year peeps xxx

*cue Fireworks*fireworks