There’s a fashion designer in all of us….

There is in all of us a fashion designer hiding in there, it’s whether we let them free or not. I have seen those who follow fashion and those to set trends, both successfully but if we had our own way and no guidance would we know what we wear?


Would you manage to be able to go into shops and make up an outfit? Some of us could, but we’re not all like Gok Wan. Say you go in a shop and there are no pictures of models wearing outfits on the wall, there are no mannequins dressed up in couture with accessories so where would you start? You know what you like, but would it go together, would it be flattering for your shape/size and would the colour go with your hair/skin tone.

I feel awkward sometimes when I walk somewhere and see someone wearing something that isn’t flattering, and cringe at the though of someone wearing an outfit that isn’t age appropriate (mutton dressed as lamb?)

A friend of mine has just lost alot of weight (health reasons) and is still wearing the wrong clothes and I’m dying to take her out shopping, because she dresses soooo not age appropriately and has the figure of a module but still insists on wearing larger clothes from Bon Marche (hey no offence to Bon Marche by the way, I buy clothes from there too but separates!) and she still has a dress from the Freeman’s catalogue! Remember those days?

So while I’m doodling outfits that would really suit her in my head, I think to myself I wonder if I could come up with something new for myself? I have some fabric in my spare bedroom and I’m dying to get my sewing machine out and make something!!

I finish work on Christmas eve and don’t go back till the 5th January, so watch this space!!