It was a walk in the ‘national’ park.

Well this morning hubby and I started to feel better after a spout of the house being infected with germs (yes we have both had the lurgy, yuk!) so we decided to make the most of the dry weather.  I haven’t even looked at the weather but if the last week is anything to go by I’ll be wearing waterproofs most of this week, please feel sorry for me if you’re sat in the sun reading this I know someone is out there, somewhere…..


I always feel blessed when I remember that we are half way between the beach and the New Forest, or as we call it in the Hampshire just round the corner!  I do say that a lot, so if you’ve heard me say this already I only repeat myself when I really mean something and not because I’m forgetful (perhaps?)

Although the Forest is a huge area (actually over 500 km square of land on the edge of Hampshire, Wiltshire and Dorset) we tend to visit (for no reason) Rufus Stone or Stoney Cross.  But today we were feeling a bit adventurous (ha, really?)  Bolderwood is situated almost centre of the New Forest, here is where the deer sanctuary is located.  Our little stroll (or if my mum asks, it was a power walk!) we felt like we were deep in the forest and then there was the view of the deer… pretty.

It was good to get some fresh air, and this is our time, our alone time which I really treasure and makes me appreciate life (god I can be sooooo soppy and I’ve no idea where I’ve got that from, mum help me out here??)  Mikes the photographer out the two of us, so when we go to places like this, his ‘equipment’ ahem goes with him!


Luckily I have a camera on my iPhone so when he stops for shots… do I!!  In between this I day dream about what I would put in my next blog, what shoes I’ve seen I want or the next book I want to read.  Ok so there’s other mondeying things that I think about like how many potatoes we have left and what brain I need for the week (yeah I do that alot) but I would bore you peeps if I put all that in too!  Instead, I thought I’d just add some photos that I took of today, and encourage you also to get yer wellies on and get out there….make time because it is really worth it on days like this……