Getting up at 2am on the Sunday was a bit of rude awakening but you know what? When you’re going on holiday, it’s not so bad. All we had to do was get on the plane and sleep and four hours later we would be there…..and YES it was as simple as that. Turning up at the airport in Lanzarote and it raining wasn’t in the plan, and thinking now that I should sue for that! (If you’ve been reading my blog long you will know that yes, that is my sense of humour!)

I love my routine, I’m still not sure if this comes from being just like my mum or because I’m a Virgo either way I always have my flip flops or sandals in my hand luggage ready to change into at the airport! While I wait for my husband to collect our chariot for the week I go and sit to change my shoes. Here is when the Miranda Hart moment happens (and it all happened so fast). I sit next to the loaded trolley and slip off my shoes to change and as I’m putting on my second sandal the carousal that I’m sat on judders. (yes yes yes I know, who sits on a carousal?) To be fair when I sat on it there was no one standing around it and I didn’t think it would take me that long to change a pair of shoes. So as the carousal judders and moves into action I not only go flying but rather than just standing up, I grab the trolley for support so that goes with me too. The suitcase, bags, shoes and me gets thrown across the floor in the airport and as I stand up and brush myself down and look around I realise that everyone in this almost full airport saw me. Everyone smiles politely trying not to laugh, I know just know they want to just crack up so much they BREAK their ribs! Luckily, these are people I will never have to see again andhubby didn’t turn round till I’d put the bags back on the trolley……but still, level of embarrassment out of 10? Pretty much 9 and a half I think!

Moments later our chariot was sat in a multi storey car park, a white Vauxhall Corsa.  We loaded up our bags and grinned as he started the engine, although nothing seemed to be happening. Maybe there was a different way of starting this engine, I mean it was a new car. He tried putting it in gear, nothing, we made sure our seat belts were fastened (a safety idea came into my head) but still nothing! Then a light flashed on the dashboard, a symbol that looked like a pedal and he went from frowning to a big grin on his face.

“What?”  I asked, and he turned to me and made the engine purr.  So it turns out that newer cars now have a feature where the engine doesn’t start till the clutch is down!







The first couple of days of the holiday was the weather we were hoping for, sunshine and the warmth was in the early twenties….neither of us felt brave enough to get in the outdoor pool but watched everyone else gasp as they jumped in (silly people!).  But after those nice days along came the cloud (much to our disgust) but we had the car so we did some road trips!!  Here are my favourite places we visited…..because if I listed them all you may fall asleep (lol)!


Femes (below right) was a beautiful little village we stopped off at as recommended by a work colleague of my husband the view, as we sat outside a cafe overlooking the coast we could see why.








Timanfaya National Park is one of the homes of the volcanos that erupted years ago, the coach took us around an area of the park that showed us the views and atmosphere of it all.  I did find the background music on the trip a little strange and felt like at that moment an alien from outta space would come out from behind a rock.  They also did a couple of demonstrations using the hotel volcanos encouraging geezers to erupt, and using the heat from rocks 300 meters down to cook food.














We also visited the magnificent caves called Cueve De Los Verdes, which were created when a volcano erupted and drifted down the landscape making holes as it went along and created some spectacular scenes.  This is one of my favourites…..remember don’t look down!








Finally, my favourite place we visited was Jameos Del Agua(below), this was the home of the late (sculpture) artist César Manrique, the word Jameos refers to a volcanic cave which was used to create this home that was turned into an auditorium, swimming pool, gardens and restaurants.


I found out that Penelope Cruz was there in March 2009 for the premier for Los Abrazos Rotos which I thought was pretty cool and also there is a breed of crab called the Blind Albino that lives in there that lives no where else, i tried to get a photo but they’re so small!!

One of the reasons I wrote this post though was for me, so that when I’m having a bad day or I feel like things are getting too much I can go back to this and relive my happy memories.  I’m going to start doing this with previous holidays, with my husbands help as I have memory problems (apparently it’s part of me) so this will help me to relive my happy memories as well as share them….