Fun Fridayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!

It’s a bit of a fun Friday this week, mainly because not only do I finish work early BUT I’m off on holiday for a week on Sunday so I’m a little bit hyper like a toddler that’s been given a few e-numbers in sweets and (so called) juice drinks.


Christmas has been discussed this week, with family, friends and work colleagues and I’ve been giving the impression at work that I’m a bit of a Scrooge moaning that it’s way too early to discuss¬†anything but that’s not completely true. I love Christmas, I love waking up with my family around me watching the anticipation in their faces as they open presents from me and the smell of roast turkey in the oven or as my brother calls it a ‘turkersaurous’ (we have a large family)! Talking about it this week had made the fond memories appear in the back of my mind.image

This year I’m especially looking forward to it because they’ll be more little people (well they’re little compared to me because they’re half my age). My elder brother, his girlfriend and both their children will be there too so I’m hoping with my little helper (my oh so lovely niece) we can plan some entertainment including some fun games and I do hope the men aren’t too grumpy this year and actually join in!!!

So normally as tradition when we were kids the tree would go up the third week of December, this being because my mums birthday in the 9th and we would celebrate that before beginning the preparations of Christmas. Having said that Mr B announced that he wanted to put the tree up the first weekend in December, which I don’t mind but strange how it will feel different….I mean, it’s only tree right?

So going back to my fun Friday theme I like to think that I try to make every Friday fun in some way, but having said that I try to make everyday fun because if it’s moments like these that keep us all going. Friday for me is ‘wear jeans to work’ (unless of course I have a meeting or something where I need to be smart) it’s also a day I have a treat! Not necessarily a food treat, it might be a glass (which normally turns into a bottle) of wine or a chocolate bar. Having said that lately I seem to be having a daily treat but this blog is putting it in writing that I’m not going to do that anymore when I come back off holiday I’m getting back into a routine and sticking with it!!

Happy Friday everyone xx