All the Single Ladies, Jane Costello

Exactly what I was thinking when I saw this on Amazon crying at me…..


What Amazon says…..

An ex-lover, a fake lover and an ambitious plan. Be careful what you wish for…

The sparkling new novel from the Sunday Times Top 10 bestselling author

Samantha Brooks’ boyfriend has made a mistake. One his friends, family, and Sam herself know he’ll live to regret. Jamie has announced he’s leaving, out of the blue. Jamie is loving, intelligent and, while he isn’t perfect, he’s perfect for her – in every way except one: he’s a free spirit. And after six years in one place, doing a job he despises, he is compelled to do something that will tear apart his relationship with Sam: book a one-way flight to South America.

But Sam isn’t giving up without a fight. With Jamie still totally in love with her, and torn about whether to stay or go, she has three months to persuade him to do the right thing. So with the help of her friends Ellie and Jen, she hatches a plan to make him realise what he’s giving up. A plan that involves dirty tricks, plotting, and a single aim: to win him back.

But by the time the tortured Jamie finally wakes up to what he’s lost, a gorgeous new pretender has entered Sam’s life. Which begs the question . . . does she still want him back?images-2

My thoughts…

Sam, Sam, Sam…the poor girl has so much going on in her life. When I first started to read this I wondered if I’d be able to keep up with all the goings on of her life, because having an ex that can’t make up his mind isn’t enough, she also has to contend with two lazy work colleagues, and a family that isn’t her family….are they???

I loved how the story was written, in respect of how there were two serious subjects approaching both adoption and alcoholism but yet with the comedy of the story such as the plotting of getting Jamie back and stories of the dating that her friend Jen goes through makes this a light hearted and enjoyable read.

My favourite characters….would it be too obvious to say Sam?  Although she went slightly down in my estimation for not getting her rust bucket of a car sorted out although if she hadn’t have broken down she wouldn’t have……ah ah ah, now that would be telling!httpimgphotobucketcomalbumsv469slater3333uklololo2jpg

Ben was also a favourite, because of his loyalty to Sam and his talent for looking after animals and children and the fact that he always showed up at fantastic moments… out for the dog poo scene which had me laughing out loud which resulted in waking my husband one night (oops)!


One of my other favourite characters was Luke, the ladies man that couldn’t keep his hands to himself. I normally cringe at characters like this but there were moments when I sniggered and even sympathised with him and I loved that he eventually goes to Sam for advice!

This is the first of Jane Costello books that I have read, and I can’t believe I’ve not discovered her sooner!  Right I’m logging on amazon to download some more of her for my hollibobs!!