Thanks for having me……Brighton, until next time!

So yesterday I didn’t do any writing, blogging or sewing because hubster and I spent the day in sunny Brighton!  Yes yes yes, it was sunny in November!!!!

1891287_10152391317581956_6700826866762791010_nThere were people sat on the beach, but I had other ideas…..


I forgot how much I adore Brighton with all the shops in The Lanes nipping in and out looking at the art work, and the markets that sell everything you could ever imagine.  I tried lots of clothes but had control till I got to Mistral this gorgeous boutique we came across in East Street (in between North street and Market Street).  Gorgeous clothes that I had never come across before (even though there is apparently one in Lymington and Winchester which is near to me?!) AND even better they had a sale (sales were invented for people like me), so I treated myself to this gorgeous little number….


Once our stomachs started to make a noise that could compete with Chewbacca we then decided to make a pit stop for lunch, not just any lunch BUT a delicious lunch in Coast.  I had chicken and chorizo burger (I am eating a lot of chorizo lately and have not a clue why) and Mr B had a ‘Juicy Lucy’ (apparently a gourmet burger which included a BBQ sauce made for a ‘deep south American king’ in my husbands words), the food was amazing in there and I would highly recommend it because it tasted so good (even thought I dismantled my burger but I had my reasons)  the only thing I didn’t like was that they served the food on a chopping board.  And although some people like it I really don’t and have been known in the past to ask for a plate but unfortunately this time I didn’t.  I think when it turned up I did slightly turn my nose up and cursed wishing I had asked for a plate but never mind.  Here’s a thought for all your restauranteurs who decided it was a good idea to serve food on wood, or even slate for that matter (I don’t even want to know how you clean them?!)  It doesn’t make me enjoy the food anymore, in fact I think that if mine had been served on a plate I probably would’ve enjoyed it more, but hey ho I know for next time.

We then looked around some more shops taking all the atmosphere in, Brighton certainly knows how to entertain their visitors.  There was Ralph (from the muppets) playing ‘money money money by Abba’ on the piano flapping his ears around which was highly amusing and some graffiti done by local students that were out celebrating Halloween the night before….


About an hour and half after walking around The Lanes and various boutiques we then came across Choccywoccydoodah wow just wow.   The smell of the sweetness from the chocolate as we approached so we both knew what was coming, Mr B’s eyes lit up like fireworks when he saw the amount of chocolate in the window, being a prime example of a chocoholic!

247143_10152391317716956_6749149907601935019_nOne of the shops we went in took me back to my childhood, a shop they call ‘Snoopers Paradise’.  I totally regret not getting my camera out now, I found a typewriter just like the one I used to type on that came in a case.  That brought memories back when I pressed the keys hearing that familiar sound of the metal hitting the paper.  I even then discovered my old duvet set I had when I was a child, I couldn’t believe it.   I watched on as Mr B looked in awe at all the Star Wars figurines displayed in the glass cabinets and saw fondness in his eyes and memories that were stuck in his mind for all. those. years.  (I’m kidding of coarse he’s not that old!)

So alas the day came to an end so after a quick trip to my new favourite fabric shop to pick up some off cuts to make some new clothes then another quick pit stop for a quick cuppa we made it back to the train station……


Until the next time Brighton x