Useful inventions we (sometimes) take for granted.

I find myself writing this post, as one of my random thoughts whilst walking the other day watching students on their smart phones and tablets, cycling through the park or scooting on their scooters I wondered I wonder what people from the forties would make of these scooters and mobile phones.  I wondered what my grandad (bless his soul) would think of all this technology, as he’s been dead nineteen years I wonder if could show him all this would he laugh or or shake his head in disbelief?  I think I’ll guess he’d do the later…..

So following on from this I’ve picked ten (sensible ones not just technology) which are my personal favourites out of all things invented.

10. The back scratcher, I don’t know how I would get through the week without it, funnily enough I have one at home but I now have one at work too it’s called my ruler. I can’t believe I’m the only one that gets an itchy back at the most inconvenient times, I have been seen at the traffic lights rubbing my back against the chair like Baloo from the Jungle Book in a desperate attempt to relieve the itchiness…then that awkward moment when I look over and see that I’m being watched is when I then try to pretend that I’m swaying to the music on my car stereo….yeah that never works!

9. Lights, apart from candles where would we be without lights? I’m thinking if we didn’t have lights we would’ve all run out and of candles and trip over everything at night or we just wouldn’t move when the sun goes down till the next morning!

8. This is such a personal thing but I don’t know where I’d be without my hairspray…no joke, friends that have known me for years know that I used to go through a can a day! The only difference is nowadays I’ve discovered back combing so I don’t use as much hairspray! When I first moved in with my husband there was a particular day he came in the bathroom impersonating someone trying to swim through something and that was when I realised that maybe I used to too much but even so I still use it but not so much now!

7. Slippers are the most comfiest things you can get for your feet…FACT and if you could wear them all the time I would (I’m not a chav by the way 😉)


6. Where would we all be without the phone?  I don’t mean the mobile phone which nowadays people can’t seem to live without but I mean the actual traditional telephone which screams at you with either a nuisance call or a call from someone you love to hear from, the older generation seem to use it more, so when ours rings it’s normally the folks!

5. If someone had told me fifteen years ago that I would never need to pack four to five books when I go on holiday I would have laughed in their faces, then one day someone invented a tablet which you could browse the web on and read books!  It wasn’t till the Kindle came along and I tried it out that I realised how much it was needed and although I do miss having books to hold (and I’ve kept a few of my old favourites) the kindle is so convenient and been my absolute favourite gadet!

4. Going back in time to the Prehistoric era, when guys and girls didn’t know what else to do rather than re-populate (ok so that’s just an assumption) someone came up with the idea that noise could be enjoyed?  I guess?  I don’t know the full history, but flute and trumpet type looking instruments were found by archaeologists from it is thought to be at least 40,000 years old (yeah that old).  This must’ve been when music came along, and wow what a bloody great idea, how it has progressed over the years is unreal and all the amazing sounds that we’ve had over the recent years exposed to our ears (although that is NO reference to X-Factor) such as classic sounds in the Twenties, the Sixties and Seventies (you get the picture).


3. One of the things that originated in China that I love (apart from the gadgets, mustn’t forget about the gadgets) is tea.  Although when I say tea and how it originated in China I prefer the tea we call English Breakfast Tea, it is such a cliche to say that all Brits love tea because actually they don’t.  Some do, some don’t two of my work colleagues pull a face when I offer them a tea.  I personally love my tea to be strong with a bit of milk and that is what I adore about tea, no two people have it the same and that’s what makes us all special.

2. Another random one (hey I’m full of randomness but you know that right?) The aeroplane was a great invention although I couldn’t decide whether this one should be called ‘travelling’ or ‘holidays’.  BUT travelling could also be used for work purposes, which can not always be a pleasurable experience let’s face it.  I think the word holiday is too general, we all love a holiday (actually I have one booked coming up but enough about me!) but even then it’s not always a holiday for everyone.  All these families that have holidays have the person who organises, books it and looks after everyone….is it a  holiday for them?  So I picked aeroplane because of the places we can go because of it and so quickly, when you think how long it would take people to travel abroad before they came along and now you can be in America within a day!

1. Now on the scary thought that this may be slightly boring (ok maybe quite a bit boring) after serious thinking (yes, yes I can do that sometimes) I have decided that my favourite invention is the traditional, boring but oh so important object is glasses.  Now before you all cry ‘yes to carry my wine slash beer slash voddie’ no no no no, I’m talking spectacles.  Those things you rest on your ears and nose (and some of you are are adjusting them as we speak) that was invented by a very very clever Italian in 1280 something and this is the reason you don’t have to move too close to anything, hold back something to focus or, worse still suffer with migraines and/or headaches.


So now, does it make you feel like you’d taken all these things for granted?  It did me, and as we know humans centuries ago survived without a mobile phone or a remote control so why do we get so stressed out when we don’t have them?