I went to see my friend a few weeks ago and was asking her little girl if she was excited about being bridesmaid, she beamed from ear to ear.  But when I discovered she couldn’t find any socks frilly and princess enough to wear with her dress I stepped up and took to the challenge. IMG_1402 I’d recently raided my mums sewing supplies and came across some pure lace, and imagined her walking up the aisle with this sewn into her socks.  I took it all home and began my challenge…..

IMG_1408Trying various ways I decided to pin the layers and it took a while to figure out how to stop it from lying flat.  The first attempt always takes longer, I sat there with the television on wondering the best way of achieving this when it came to be like a lightening bolt (that happens alot).

The layers pictured here is how I started, but I started gathering and decided that it would probably be best to do them separate so after taking it apart I gathered and tacked at the same time.

Once I started I couldn’t stop, the lace was also slightly cream so when I sewed it on to the little girls white socks you could see they weren’t part of the sock so I also soaked the socks along with the attached lace in a bowl of warm water with dissolved vanish…..worked like a charm.



Needless to say there was one pretty bridesmaid (not just because of her socks) dancing on the dance floor that night…..