My first attempt

Ok so I thought that the first time I do this I would have to do something a bit ‘easier’ than normal, which leads me to my favourite top……my old faithful M&S which I wear so so much that I’m worried it will wear it away!  IMG_1610

So I decided that as my first project I would create a top the same, my mum gave me some satin print that would be perfect for this, but when I held the fabric up I thought in my wisdom that maybe the print would be too much so off I trotted to Fabric Land!

There I was stroking the fabrics, when i found the perfect one!  It was a navy stretchy fabric with a slight waffle pattern.  So off I trotted back to home to give it a go, with a skip of excitement in my step with hope that I could achieve it!


So this here picture was pretty much the rest of my day, first I laid the M&S top on top of both the fabrics cutting them carefully making sure that I over estimated the size (just in case) I then literally did a straight stitch all the way around using to stitch the fabrics together (inside out as mum always showed me) and then the same stitch to do the hems and edging around everywhere and voila now I have another top (almost) the same as the old faithful and very very pleased with what I’d achieved!