Metaphors verses text speak.


Ever heard this phrase?  I think it comes from the person who came up with NMP, you’ll have to read on to find out what it means 😉

So there I was trying to get some work done, whilst earwigging on a conversation in the office.  We have a temp in at the moment and he is (let’s just say) very happy.  He’s brought this ora with him, it’s almost like he works with enthusiasm but sometimes (and I hate saying this) I think he could be a little too enthusiastic.images

So he’s talking with a colleague (to paint a picture we all share an office but he’s on a different team) and I hear him say it’s all about PMA!  To which the colleague replies “PMA?”, I am sure the colleague knew what it meant and I can’t believe he asked but he replies with “Well that means positive mental attitude, and I live by it.”  Ok so some people might say I’m positive and happy, but even I draw the line at sharing such information with my colleagues.  I’m still newish there and I wouldn’t want my boss wondering what was wrong with me because I love my job (whoops did I say that out loud!)

So from one extreme to another, I remember years ago someone (a very close friend) say to me after explaining to her about boundaries at work and how I find it hard to say no about taking on extra work that I shouldn’t be doing and she replied, “NMP.”  And like you would, I had to ask what it meant and why oh why would you say such a negative response, I think at the time I was quite naive about the working environment and she had a much more senior role than me and had got accustomed to being able to say no.  Needless to say, I would never use that because clearly I’m  very helpful person 😉

I had this conversation with my husband earlier in the year and he was telling me about these business phrases that he’s heard colleagues use, I’ve only heard them from others but luckily not from anywhere I’ve worked…he came up with loads that I don’t remember (it’s not important in my line of work!)

So there’s ‘thinking outside the box’ Unknownwhich refers to a metaphor that means to think from a difference perspective.  so if that’s the case why don’t people say that?  When I first heard this phrase I thought someone had been put in a box, kind of reminding me of that episode in friends……



Can you think of anymore?  I don’t know why but my mind is going into spasm and now my brain is making waves over text speak, so I think I’ll give up there.  But I shall leave you with one thought for the day, do you have your own metaphors?  Or letters that sum up how you’re feeling that you say out loud that no one else knows??  I know you do, but please share because it could benefit the rest of us!  My personal favourites are “Shut the front door!” which does sound a little teenager, but ho hum I’m younger in mind and “For FIVE minutes!”  The F goes on for a bit, I really want to say ‘For f***s sake.’  But the little girl in me realises that I shouldn’t be saying things like this (my mum still thinks I’m a lady (pah!)