Technology evolving or taking over?? #blogging101


Back in the day……in a galaxy…..far far away, in errrrrm? 1988?  This was then, with use of moderness they use now….in comparison I think I can safely say my up bringing totally rocked!!



I would hog the home phone with my endless calls to my friends who I would see at school every day.  The best one was when my dad would walk past me in the hall and he would say ‘five more minutes on that call it’s costing us too much money’ I would nod knowing full well that I would be on there longer, then I would quickly make another call without him seeing knowing full well he would come into the hall and say ‘come on, you’ve been on the phone to her for nearly twenty  minutes’ and I would always say ‘no, this is someone else now and we’ve only been talking a few seconds’.  However, my mother would be harder to deal with.  Being more direct she would pick up the other extension (yes we were posh having two phones!) interrupting my call and would start to dial (yes yes the old fashioned way) which would then block the call and I would have to hang up.

Text Messages

Back then we still have text messages, but we called them ‘notes in class’.  That infamous piece of paper that would get passed round class sharing a joke about the dysfunctional problems of one of the teachers.  One in particular that had awful breath, each of us would giggle to themselves as the note would get passed around the classroom.  It would never go the front of the class though because there was always the class nerd who would either grass us up or time it wrong opening it and get caught (so many times I cringed!)

cassette1_3033301b Music Downloads 

I had my own system in place which was recording the top forty on a Sunday night on Radio One, I would sit in front of the tape recorder with my finger hovering over the button to pause and un-pause between the songs that I did and didn’t like.  Once I’d done that I would get a screwdriver and rip out the clippy thing so that my brother couldn’t tape over it, it would then go in my walkman in my school bag and keep me occupied all my long bus journeys to school (it was forty five round trip and I was unsociable back then!)


Selfies shmelfies, I had my legendary 35mm camera (you remember the one that would have to wound after every photograph) which went with me most weekends and on all holidays (yes when I was younger we were lucky enough to go abroad too!)  I would (almost) run home from school every day to check to see if Trueprint had turned up yet, because I knew that envelope would contain my endless memories….although most of them would be a picture of my thumb 😔!  Posh people had a polaroid which would print them out instantly but I was too young to afford such a luxury (although my brother had one but it was too fragile for his little sister to use apparently!)


Well I shall save the best till last, Facebook was what replaced my ‘young days’ the good old local bus stop/city centre/local leisure centre.  Every Saturday without fail we would all get together, these weren’t school friends, oh no I had friends away from school!  This to me was Facebook, no status updates because we would have good old conversations.  No self portrait pictures of ourselves in our latest new outfit, because we had photo booths.  One in particular which was used quite a bit by myself and my bf (who am I kidding), it was fifty pence for a strip of four black and white pictures and we used to que up to use it.  We would spend our time ice skating, roller skating or playing quasar (like the paint gun but less painful with a laser!)images

This was not my opportunity to point out how technology has disadvantaged the lives of youngsters today because no I am not that person who says ‘youngsters today don’t realise…..’ I am the person who yes, appreciates my upbringing and ok no I didn’t have as much opportunity as they do now BUT and this is a big BUTT (and no not mine, I know what you’re thinking!) I honestly believe that all these things they have now are just like what we had back then but in a different light.

For example, can you remember your parents and grandparents talking about the wireless and having to spend hours and hours to preparing things back then, that now take seconds?  That’s how life has evolved, and we have to accept that things have changed whether we like it or not.  I know some people don’t like the social networking and even the fact that we can all see what we want at a click of a button (my dad has decided that it’s not an iPhone but a Japanese brain box (jealous because he can’t even work the home phone).

I sometimes wish that people would just forget that for a second and realise that in the 1940’s when the telephone was invented a grandmother somewhere said ‘well that’s ridiculous I wouldn’t want one of them in my house that would mean they would know when I am at home’ .  How about in 1973 when the first mobile phone was used and a parent somewhere said ‘well what is the point of that we have a phone in the house?’

Then finally in 1982 when someone first used the internet (oh come on remember that awful noise that it used to make), I actually remember people commenting on how the world would be like ‘big brother watching you’……come one people enjoy it because in twenty or so years time we could be able to teleport ourselves to work and back and save that car journey!  Ok ok, I’ve gone to far but come on, how much easier would that be????


Now get on Facebook and update your status…..I don’t know what you’ve eaten for three days!!