Young at heart #Blogging101

Although this phrase only means one thing, it means so many different things to all of us who read it.

To some people (I hate to generalise but perhaps some of the men folk can understand) it means acting younger.Star-Wars-Lego-Logo

This morning my husband told me of the LEGO Star Wars Death Star set that he and his colleague were talking about in the office (I swear they don’t have much work to do 😉) You can imagine my mouth dropped opened when he told me how much it was!  It got me thinking that although sometimes he can act older (‘todays music is trash’ and ‘these youngsters don’t realise how lucky they are…’ I could go on but I won’t) but at the end of the day they are boys at heart, sometimes I wonder what it would be like to be a fly on the wall in his office.  Apparently on a colleagues last day they plugged in an ‘extra’ mouse to his computer and my husband controlled it from his desk and the poor guy thought he was going mad!


Then there are the, how can I put this politely…..hmmmm ‘mutton dressed as lamb?’


I remember years ago going clubbing with a friend and looking back now we did looked awful, her with her black leather trousers and white top and me with my white jeans and black top!  What on earth were we thinking, we must’ve looked like a couple of minstrels, lucky for both of us these were before the days of ‘selfies’ Thank. God.  I remember the women in the clubs that were in their 50s dressed in their leopard skin, short skirts and push up bras trying to ‘pick up’ the younger men as my friend and I used to snigger into our lager, cider or whatever drink we favoured that week.  Thinking about it on a serious note though, maybe these women were young in mind and didn’t have anything in common with men their own age.  Either that or they wanted a big of young stuff, I hope I NEVER get to that stage……

So still on that thought, another ‘type’ if you like of younger in mind are the ones who actually are young in mind and should be at least ten years younger because of the way they act.  A girl I work with once told me that she took her daughters to a One Direction concert with her husband, and I thought to myself I like to think that I would do that if it was needed.  BUT the one thing that made me giggle was when they were in the audience and the boys came out on stage she told the girls they have to scream ‘I love you Harry’.  So when they did apparently it was pitiful, so in response my work colleague turned to them and said ‘like this watch’ then at the top of her voice (and apparently it was at a quiet moment) she screamed ‘I love you Harry!’  I don’t know if she had any of the ‘looks’ from the husband or her daughters, but I thought that was brilliant!

I feel younger in mind (some days) obviously not on a Friday after a full week at work, but sometimes I find myself doing immature things like dancing around whilst hoovering (not quite like Freddie Mercury, but I could give him a run for his money 😉)  I have been told that I do look younger too, so I feel like I can get away with more like not telling anyone my real age but then there are days when this thirty nine year old body just needs some rest…..


So this ‘light bulb’ moment happened was when I watched this video the other evening in bed at nine o’clock (yes yes I know but I was ill that evening.)  It’s a speech made by the comedian Tim Minchin, it’s almost twelve minutes long but totally worth it and puts things into perspective and made me realise I have to use my inner youngness embrace what I have now, today, not what I have had in the past and what I may or may not have in the future.

What I’m trying to say, that being immature is sometimes good (at the right times obviously) and can make you cope with life better and enjoy it now matter who you are, where you are or what you’re doing.

Girl With Confetti

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