One step at a time #blogging101

Where does our energy come from?  Is it what we eat?  Is it what we do?  Is it or is it not our attitude??  Someone once said to me ‘life is what you make it’, I want to believe it but…..

I think I have a pretty good life and I think people who know me probably think that, I’m just confirming that yes, they’re right.  They probably wish they were living my life, I’ve had comments made to me like ‘you have a lot of holidays’ and ‘you’re always spending money’ but that’s not true, we don’t always do these things.  The difference is that we prioritise, and although you don’t realise it we all do it.  We all go to the supermarket and ponder over which is the better offer, Branston or Heinz?

I ponder over what in my life needs to be done, I spend agonising time wondering if I’ll have enough time in the day to do my work, then get to the gym, do some writing and then I hope that I get a good nights sleep so that I’m fresh for the next day *phew*.  I just said to my husband ‘there’s so much to do’ and he said ‘break it down, pick the most important thing to you and start with that then the rest will come along after’.  He’s so full of knowledge it’s unbelievable, if someone had told me all those years ago I was going to marry an intelligent guy who is not only tall (I’ve always had a thing for tall men even though I’m five foot nowt!) I would have fallen off my chair in hysterics.

To Do List taped to a wooden board

Everyone has a to-do list in their head, come on I know you’re thinking of what’s on that list right now….what’s on it?  Shopping this week, make sure to get a birthday card for Auntie Joyce or is it to make sure that washing basket doesn’t over flow again??  See I knew it!  So here we go, I’m going to break down my longterm to-do list:

  • The most important thing to me is to concentrate of getting my weight off, I’ve tried all the diets under the sun.  Having PCOS and and an Underactive Thyroid is working against me and I will not let it win *godamnit*.  I already do a couple of hours cardio a week along with sticking to under 1400 calories a day, there has to be a way of doing this.  So I start on Thursday with an expert, when I say expert I’m not actually sure what his title is but I’ve heard he’s good and hopefully he won’t see me and think “Oh god another fat person that eats the wrong thing”.  Like my husband said he may look at me and think, “I really want to help this girl achieve her goal.”  So hopefully he’ll have an understanding of what I can and can’t have and help me with the back issue…
  • Which brings me to the second goal, sort my back problems out.  Just under two years ago, remember that snow we had in Hampshire?  Well I slipped on black ice at work in the car park and since then I’ve suffered with my back, having spent money on Chiropractor, Physiotherapist and massages it’s not got any better.  I have this ongoing issue of getting out of struggling to get out of bed in the morning and I mean physically I struggle.  It totally sucks that I can’t just sit up like I used to and sit and read or watch television in bed like I used to on a regular basis.  I now have to go to bed when I’m intending on sleeping (and NO i’m not going to mention the other thing you do in bed, this is not that sort of blog!)  However after recently re-discovering Pilates it seems that I’m able to manage the pain more.  The Pilates studio I visit on a regular basis is in Southampton, Marie-Claire and I highly recommend this exercise even if you don’t live in the area.


  • Writing, blogging, writing and errrr more writing!  I haven’t done much writing but now I’ve joined this blogging101 and of course now I have invested in a MacMini which will keep me going on line and buzzing……so I’ll be writing in purple ink 😉 AND hopefully getting round to finishing my second book!  By the way, if you’d like to read my first book it’s on Amazon at a steal of 90 pence!
  • Sewing projects have been a bit on the back burner, but I have enrolled on a sewing course in January so that will be the next stage of my goals!  I will be learning how to do soft furnishings such as curtains, cushions, bedding and blinds so that will be something to look forward to (and no I’m not taking bookings now before you ask tee hee!)


Next year I turn forty (that big old number eh?) and to be completely honest I don’t feel it, like I said to my husband this morning (whilst snuggled up in bed) I still feel like I’m in my twenties.  But I’ve booked to have a bash, so I’m hoping that by then all these goals and bullet points on the to-do list will not necessarily be completed but I hope that I’ve accomplished one and possibly looking to finalising most of them.

I don’t think I’m setting my sights too high, what do you think?  Do you reckon all this could be achievable or am I setting goals that are too high for someone with lack of energy and a full time job?

If you have goals, why not do the same as me and write them down?!  I’m going to look back on this blog this time next year (yes, yes, yes when I’m 40!) and I really do hope that I’ve kept this promise to myself.

*positive thoughts and happy dances*


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  1. Hi Anabel,
    I’m almost 60 (!) and I still feel like I’m in my 20s – at least some of the time. I think setting goals is worthwhile (though I don’t usually take the time to write them down; they just hover in the back of my mind and take turns in the spotlight). Your categorizing these as long-term is wise; everything I’ve ever read about goal-setting says to make your goals attainable and not to set them so high that you’re doomed to failure. Giving yourself time is the key. Good luck making progress on all of these!

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