Say my name……#blogging101

Three hours earlier……

‘Oh my god, where do I start? I’m blonde and this is my blog and it has always been that way… the hell am I going to come up with something new?!  Ok so thinking logically about this (yeah me being logical, check it out!  So following on from the theme of something I like I’m going to firstly list my 10 favourite things….

  1. Gotta start with my favourite colour Purple and as much as I can hear people say ‘what a cliche’ but it’s a nice happy colour, blue is also a favourite but I’m going for first choice!
  2. I love Bubbles!!! Think about your first response, did you think I meant champagne? Or was it something else?  I was actually talking about the bubbles you make yourself when you wash the dishes, don’t try and deny it I bet you have….
  3. Art is a general word really because art is all around us everyday.  If I was choose somewhere I wanted to be to get away to be alone it would be an art gallery, can’t explain why and what sort of gallery……but it cries (yes i know right?) peace and tranquility.
  4. Scarves, yes yes indeed a very random thing but these beautiful objects serve a purpose in life to me, I have all colours that go with every outfit in my wardrobe (you may think this is sad but I bet there’s other women out there….)
  5. Tea.  My husband has just put a cup of tea beside me, and it made me remember that actually tea is one of my favourite things too!  Doesn’t matter what time of day it is I’m always in the mood for tea!
  6. Snoopy was my favourite cartoon character as a child, I was obsessed with drawing cartoons and it started off with me doodling him and all the characters out of Charlie Brown!  I don’t do much doodling lately, but as a teenager I created my own characters and would cover my school books with them!
  7. Gotta love Books, I mean is there anyone out there that has NEVER read a book?  If there is, you don’t know what you’re missing!!!
  8. I have a slight obsession with shoes but this does NOT mean I have lots of them, I just love (what I would call) beautiful and some of them I would love to be able to walk in but it would never happen with some of those high heels…..shame!
  9. We have a gelaterra in Southampton called Sprinkles, it has been opened a couple of years now and it has encouraged my love for ice cream!  Not saying I didn’t like it before but the amount of flavours you get in there is unreal!  If you ever find yourself in Southampton, please you HAVE to visit it!!
  10. When i travel with my dad in a car anywhere he always insists on turning OFF the radio, I don’t know how he does it I could never live without music.  Recently my boss discovered that I suffer with tinnitus and did tell me sympathetically that if it helped my concentration levels I could listen to music quietly in my ears and I’ve been hooked on piano music ever since!  It’s the best thing to listen to when  you’re trying to concentrate!!

One hour and nineteen minutes later…..

So I’m just looking back over my 10 favourite things and wondering how I can use them to create a new Blog title and timeline, so some of the ideas were awful; Purple Words wrapped in Scarves; Purple Words covered in Ice Cream; Home made bubbles; Musical bubbles with words; Annabels purple gallery; The musical purple gallery; The purple blonde; Purple thoughts; The purple words gallery.

So it then hit me (well actually the husband decided to get on board with it and suggested it) so here it is, my new blog…….but you already knew that because here you are and thanks for visiting, come back real soon.

Annabel x

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