My Big Fake Irish Life, Caitlin McKenna

24Wow how long since I’ve blogged or reveiwed?  Way too long??  So I recently read My Big Fake Irish Life by Caitlin McKenna, took me longer that what I would have liked because of ‘life’ getting in the way, possibly mine is the most inconsiderate life that demands my brain to be switched on fifteen hours a day.  BUT this also includes an hour, maybe two ofJack Bauer in the evening (I have been totally hooked on 24!) but as we have just started on series nine I shall have to find something else to fill my evenings (hmmmmmm)?


Twenty-six-year-old Linda Symcox has been chasing her lifelong dream of becoming an actress for the last five years, so when she gets a chance to read for a popular television series, she takes an extended lunch in order to make the audition. After all, it could be her lucky break.

But the “quick” audition takes over two hours costing Linda her telemarketing job; and when she doesn’t book the acting gig, her agent fires her too, explaining that she just doesn’t have “it.”

The elusive “it.” As much as Linda wants to hate her ex-agent for being so insensitive, he gets her thinking in a new direction. If she doesn’t have it, what if she reinvented herself and became someone who did? Someone with red hair and an Irish accent?

With nothing to lose, Linda gives herself a complete makeover and re-emerges as Meghan O’Connell from Galway, Ireland—and just in time. A high-powered casting director is looking for an unknown to fill the lead role of a new television series called “Soul Saver.” And the actress must be Irish.

Meghan gets an audition and is so convincing, she lands the role. Her life is changed forever. On the first day of filming her new television series, Meghan meets her co-star, Michael, who met her before as Linda, the American. He doesn’t recognize her. Will he? Meghan decides to simply stay away from him, but how can she when they are working so closely together? Worse, how can she stay away from the guy she’s falling in love with?

What had started out as an innocent little lie ends up snowballing into an insane comedy of errors. Meghan’s lie forces her to live a double life that eventually affects her family, friends, and most importantly her new boyfriend to the point that she has to decide on telling the truth and giving up her lifelong dream, or living the lie and losing the people she loves.


When I first started to get into the book and realised this was about a girl who was trying to make it in Hollywood I wondered if it would be a bit of a cliche.  Which when I’m reading something in between my day to day working and normal life is good, something that I am able to remember where I finished off and something that can’t be distracted from.  I tend to watch television dramas aswell, so sometimes in the past when I’ve read something and watched something I can easily get confused (in my defence my memory is poor and normally I have to concentrate on one subject at a time!)  But cliche it was not, you think it is then bang something different happens.  This is the point where I would put laugh, but mine was more of a snigger, smile to myself and at one point when I tried to suppress a laugh it sounded more like a snort!


I love Meghans enthusiasm to take on this challenge to become an Irish lass.  She takes the time to research the country and the area which she is supposedly from, which makes me realise how serious this is.  I did have a couple of moments when I thought she was going to get caught out and I would find myself having to get to the end of that chapter to find out whether she’d been caught but luckily for her she managed to not only get the part she wanted (and what a part that was, kickboxing swashbuckling hero….wow!) but she also got the hot guy that played alongside of her, Demon aka Michael.  I loved some of the Irish characters that she brought back from Ireland with her also, watch out for an Irish fight between characters!!

Her family (understandably) are hurt because as they’re American, not Irish.  Her mother reminded me of a friend’s mother in law, I wasn’t sure if it was because of the way she over-reacted (apparently she can be like that) or whether it was because I was hearing about her in between reading the story (who knows!) but I imagined her mother to be a bit scatty with a short hair-style that would put Liza Minnelli to shame.

I think being in her shoes I would have changed my name before all this, because who in their right mind would call their two daughters Lyn and Linda??  And I love how she completely changed her life, I think anyone who reads this would probably wonder what and how they would do it if they had the chance to change all their life completely….

*cue wavy screen*

So I decide that my name is Lucy Amy May Bennett (lammy is my nickname) and I’m America (of course!) I’m 30 (I’ve been told many times that I could pass for over ten years younger!) and for a living I’m a fashion designer.  Not a famous one, just an independent one and I have one of those high rise flats in San Francisco and it’s just me and my little handbag poodle.  My hair would be blonde (obviously) and long enough to plait and tie back most days so that I can see what I’m doing whether I am on my motorbike, drawing or sewing……


Anyway, so I’ve been clearly thinking about THAT too much!!!

All I can say is that Caitlin McKennas writing flows well, and she has obviously done her research into Hollywood, Ireland and CPR!  (Read it and I promise you you will laugh when you find that later one), I would definately recommend this if you want a funny light read….maybe while you’re on holiday in Ireland??

Thank you Caitlin, I shall be looking out for more by you!



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