Wedding Hells, Jennifer Gilby Roberts

It is no secret to my friends and family that I am not a lover of the thunder, and at the moment there’s been a few rumbles throughout the night and that’s not in the bedroom (‘scuse the pun!)

So one particular night after being woken up at three in the morning I struggled to get back to sleep (that was one long day!) BUT what makes it worse is that my husband insists on standing at the window to watch it because he finds it fascinating.  My boss even said to me this week “it’s him upstairs is moving his furniture around.” although I did tell her that my mum had already told me this when I was nine years old.  At the time I remember saying “but mum if the rumbles are him moving the furniture then why are the lights flashing?” Hmmmm, funnily enough she went quiet after that!


So like most nights little miss Kindle (yes mine is female) was on my bedside cabinet and I realised that the only way I was going to get through it was to read, but not wanting anything too heavy and something to take my mind of the firework display going on outside my window (seriously, it was like a firework display I have seen less flashing on an old kitchen flourecent light full of flies!)


Seeing that this was a short story I thought I’d pick it. That and having the title ‘wedding hell’ and the picture of a girl in a pretty pink dress wish a sour look on her face made me curious as to what I was about to read but I was delighted to discover after the first few paragraphs that it had me giggling. I could totally understand why Melanie felt a little out of place being a bridesmaid, so many things are making her uncomfortable about this day, and she really doesn’t want to be at her ‘perfect’ sisters wedding.

The shannigans of this made me smile and at times also made me cringe because the things that happen are the things you really do. not. ever. wish. on. anyone. It doesn’t sound like Melanie and Brittany have the perfect sibling relationship but part of me hopes that they overcome this and eventually become close, maybe because they’re young (ok I say that because i’m older) they could still be a bit competitive? And seriously, how could Melanie not want to smack Darren round the face?  What a pig!

But overall, mission was accomplished because not only did it distract me from the noise and lights outside it relaxed me and when I finished reading it my head hit the pillow and I was out like a ‘light’…..yes i know, last pun I promise!

Cheesecake anyone??


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