Always you, Erin Kaye

Do you remember your first love? Do you remember when you said ‘it will always be you?’ I haven’t a clue when I first said that but I remember the last time and it was (lucky chap) my husband.


But some never see their first love again, some don’t want to see them but in 1992 Sarah was almost forced to forget about hers Cahal. Having moved to Australia from his delinquent family he started a new life and waited for Sarah to join him, but she didn’t so he accepted that she wasn’t coming and moved on.

Sarah never heard from Cahal from the moment he moved away, her heart was broken of course but luckily she had Ian to look after her. Loving, caring supportive Ian who was the love of her life, unfortunately he never replaced Cahal completely but she had learned to accept that she would never see him again.

Always You

I was a bit worried that this book would be a bit of a clique to be honest, having read the book description but this was something else.


It’s been a while since I’ve done a review, circumstances change all the time but when I read this I had review it.  It’s the most enjoyable book I’ve read for a while and  I want you (yes you) to download and read it. It’s chic lit, so if you don’t like chic lit stop here and move on but if you do please take a moment and download this gorgeous story.

I loved how this story played out the two different lives, Cahal living in Australia with his family and Sarah still living in Ballyfergus with hers. I smile to myself when I read Cahals description of when he was younger and possibly reminding me of a certain Irish gorgeous singer wearing a scruffy leather jacket and jeans with a beautiful irish accent having all the girls chasing after him, even though he only had eyes for Sarah, in 1992.


I got great pleasure out of hearing Sarahs story of how she almost settled for best but never complained, but she would make the most of what she had and enjoy her time with her family. I felt bad for her that she had been through so much pain and heartache, but almost proud of her that she became this strong minded professional and independant woman.

Ian was a lovely character, being loyal to Sarah even though he had also moved on. I was sad to hear that the only family had was his mother, but then it wouldn’t have ended like it did if he’d had more family.

This is highly recommended as a holiday read as I struggled with putting it down at times!



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