Monday to Friday Man, by Alice Peterson

What do you do if you’re 34, single and recovering from being jilted two weeks before your wedding day? Well, if you’re Gilly Brown you decide to look for a Monday to Friday lodger to help meet new people. Eventually she finds just the right man – Jack Baker, a handsome reality television producer. Friends and family see Jack as the perfect tonic for Gilly, except for Guy, the newest recruit in her dog-walking group. After all, what exactly does Jack get up to at the weekends?


I hate to be the one who judges a book by its cover but I have to admit on first view of this book online I was attracted, the title had me intrigued! A Monday to Friday Man? I thought. What’s that? And can I get one? Ok that last statement I don’t mean because I already have an every day man (cue husband “hey what did ya call me?)

This main character Gilly has her life already planned, engaged soon to be married to Ed and they have a home set up ready for a family then in one fell swoop it’s all taken away from thanks to an unfortunate circumstances? Or fortunate perhaps, he sounds like a fool if you ask me!

Gilly has a lovely circle of friends aka the dog walkers and I would smile fondly as I would read about the canines and their owners. Back late last summer I was out of work for a couple of months and with the help of a friend that I had met at the local weekly slimming group was introduced to the world of dog walking! The only problem was that I didn’t technically have a dog to walk! But I would still follow them on regular walks with Shea ’the flirtatious and thinks she’s still a little puppy’ husky, Bertie the ’no I will not go back on my lead’ Cockapoo (who would by the way would never be single if human, sooo adorable) Milo the ’oh my god slow down!’ golden retriever, Archie the ’look if I want to be touched I will come to you’ King Charles spaniel and last by no means last Fergus the ’look at me make a fuss of me and rub my belly’ the west highland terrier.


These dogs and all their characteristics helped me in some sort of therapeutic way to put things in to perspectives and I’ve no idea why, but I miss them now I’m back working full time I don’t get to see them as much but I’m grateful for my wages each month! Watching them play together would make me realise they were having more fun than any humans, I decided in my next life that’s what I’d like to come back as….preferably a Westie as they seem to get more attention!


Ok so back to the review (getting carried away as usual there), I would recommend this read to anyone who likes their chic lit stories, boy meets girl, boy has feelings for girl but doesn’t tell her straight away and in meantime girl meets another boy and so on. I must admit I do like a bit of predictable-ness in a love story so if you do read this don’t expect the element of surprise if you know what I mean. This, is not a criticism as I personally loved this story and would recommend it to fellow readers.

This was my first Alice Peterson read and I thoroughly enjoyed it and I definitely think that reading will have me looking for other stories written by her.







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