Birthday lilies, not blues….

Happy birthday to me..

Colorful balloons

Well I was going to title this ‘Birthday Blues’ but nobody likes a pessimist right?  So I thought, how about birthday lilies, they’re my favourite flower, contrary to the fact that they stain everything they touch but they do smell beautiful.  (no one likes a mark on the carpet, right?!)

yellow lillies

So, here we are again Annabel, 22nd September and another year older yet are you any wiser?  My first reaction?  No, because I’m still stuck in my little blue office typing till my hearts content still dreaming of a publisher to come and tell me what a good writer I am and give me a huge fat cheque!

Yes, I am still editing but other priorities have taken over at the moment, one of them being that I needed to get back into gainful full time employment which I now have achieved! (Whoop whoop I hear you cry?!) So until I start my new job I will be mainly editing making sure that my first book is also an almost perfect book because as a self publisher and a typical ‘virgo’ (I am a perfectionist darling) so can’t afford to pay someone to do it for me (ha)!

So maybe I am a little wiser?  I have been writing for ages but being able to actually show people by publishing it with the help of my well read blog (I love you all for reading this and thank you!), so yes I can confidently say that, yes, I am wiser and here’s to the next few weeks editing it and getting ‘the book’ out there.  Lucy meet Lucy is soon to be seen on Amazon…fingers, toes, hair strands, arms, legs and tongue crossed!  (I can see you trying to cross your tongue you know!)

Memory lane…

My most highlighted memory of a birthday (it’s pink highlighter by the way before you ask) has to be my 30th (maybe because it was more recent and my memory seems to be getting older and older).  My husband organised a party for me on the quiet and giving me a heart attack when we turned up was the best present anyone could have given me.  What would I do without him? (I normally I’m sarcastic but really, it was the best birthday!)

One of my earliest birthday memories (and by far the strangest on a number of levels) was a certain important birthday that was outstandingly won ‘hands down’ by my dad dressing up as Mr Blobby (yes that big fat yellow thing with pink spots)!  Humiliation was an understatement and most people knew that I did not like Mr Blobby.  Once word for my parents WARPED!  Back then I hadn’t appreciated it but now when I look back I can honestly say that I think I had the best parents in the world doing something like that, giving me the weirdest yet funniest memory that still twenty years on I am still laughing about.  Although for the record, at the time I was not impressed!

mr blobby

So on a positive note, yes I am still thirty something but I am heading towards forty like a train on the Eurotunnel but I can safely say that so far, I have had a fabulous life and there’s lots still to come (hopefully).

I have a husband who has not only whisked me away (not that far, we’re still in Hampshire, although he whisked me to America for our honeymoon), he has looked after to me up to the high level that I’ve been accustomed to (hey I’m not high maintenance, just have high standards before you ask!)  I also have wonderful parents that have both been rocks to me over the years (not so much 20 years ago today!) with their warped sense of humour (permitting) and my loving friends that I also call my family.

My friends (you know who you are) who are all eagerly waiting for me to finish my first published book, so that they can finally download it to their kindles and eReaders and see why I’ve been so uptight the last couple of months and I say thank you to you for your patience!