Yes I need a break…from writing?

Well yesterday I was jumping up and down like a school-girl that never ever had to do homework (I REALLY hated school with a passion), because I had finally got to the end of my book!  That light had been pretty small for quite sometime but yesterday it lit up my whole office and I smiled to myself as I realised I got to the end.

I can’t relax yet though, because I’d realised I still have lots of editing to do.  Some of the characters names I changed after reading them and thinking “I can’t call a rock star Steve!” and my main character, I had decided will now have brown hair rather than black!  (Hey she can put a colour on it if she wants later!)

So I’m only up to chapter six of edits and thought I’d take a breather and have a break because I realised that I’d not even eaten lunch yet, I’ve not sat here constantly but surely a packet of crisps and a diet coke was enough?  No?  Ok, I’m craving scrambled egg, so that on toast seems a pretty good idea to me!

It got me thinking about my next book though, and that might not be a good thing because I need to concentrate on this one.  I know I’m a good multi-tasker (oh yes I’m the best, just call me Monica Bing-Geller) but I wish I could just stop myself and say ‘hey there Annabel, it’s ok to finish one thing before you start another!’

I was watching Mistresses earlier while eating my breakfast (yes yes yes I didn’t skip breakfast so I do eat properly) and watching Savannah made me think that actually my next book should totally start with two gorgeous sisters, I have a plot in mind so while I’m editing I’m making notes about the next one!


Crazy, multi tasking, quick thinking genius….ok ok so I’m not a genius but I’m certainly crazy to think that after writing my FIRST book that I could go straight to another one!  I’ve never typed so quickly in all my life, not even when I was a Medical Secretary (my fingers used to ache at the end of the day!). I can actually see the smoke coming up from the keyboard as I type!

I really hope I can do something with this book, I love to write and have had some really positive responses of late.  I am so scarred of someone telling me it’s rubbish and to start again, so maybe that’s why I’m trying to start another one.  Ok ok deep breaths so what I’ll do is start another one alongside as I’m editing as a back up maybe?  Who knows, but I know one things for sure…..I NEED A BREAK!!!