Forever Friends

A little thank you to all the friends out there, all over the world.  In case you’re wondering you’re completely and utterly appreciated and loved, whether you’re a close friend, best friend, sibling, cousin, neighbour or a friend whom you don’t regular see but when you are seen you’ve made someone feel very special.

So ok, yes I am writing this because of one particular friend but it prompted me to think actually I have some really good friends and I don’t tell them enough how much appreciate what they do for me as well as going about their busy lives, working hard and looking after their families they always seem to find the time for me when I need them.

There’s always the friend that you don’t see very often, the one who doesn’t live a large distance away but you don’t see them because life seems to take over.  The same friend who thinks that you’re ok, ‘no news is good news’ (some might say) but when you do see them and tell them how you really feel they’re there for you and that rock that you always had seems heavier this time.

Friends may come and go when you’re younger, but as we get older we seem to have good quality friends rather than the large amount of friends.  Well that how it is for me anyway, and I love all my friends because not only are they full of great advice when it’s needed but my support network (aka friends and family) are they best and I love them with all my heart.

It’s hard to find a good friend, but when you do keep hold of them and never let them go x