I’ve got your number, Sophie Kinsella (Review)

Downloaded this to my kindle as soon as it was released, Sophia Kinsella is one of my favourite writers!

Photo by Tim Douglas on Pexels.com

I read this while on holiday (which seems like a year ago!).  This story is not only beautiful but it also gives a story a hint of comedy without making it corny.  Sometimes making me go ‘awwwwww’ and other times laughing out loud, which was entertaining for everyone else sat around the pool 🙂Poppy Wyatt is mad about Magnus Tavish and he is mad about Poppy so much so that he proposes and they both plan the most amazing white wedding with help from Magnus ‘wedding planner’ friend Lucinda.  Tragically Poppy looses her engagement ring and has her mobile phone stolen which has her life on it, but in a lucky escape she finds a mobile phone in a bin and uses that to get her life back and to as help her quest to find her engagement ring.

This mobile phone belongs to businessman Sam Roxton who is trying to run a business smoothly, but unfortunately discovers corrupt colleagues within the company and with Poppys’ (unneeded) help things go from bad to worse, and because of her ‘positive’ interfering which goes down like a lead balloon and affects his life.

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Between wedding planning and finding her engagement ring, Poppy led me through this amazing story of friends, family and fun.  She’s a delightful character and from reading this she come across as flighty and conventional (in a good way) and if she was a real person I’d love to be her friend.  There was a couple of moments when I first started to think I knew what was going to happen, but a detour made me think otherwise. I finished with a smile on my face, needless to say that that fab author that I love has done me proud once again!

You’ve done it again Sophie, once again the perfect read 🙂

BBC Radio 2 - Steve Wright in the Afternoon, Sophie Kinsella and Michael B.  Jordan - Clips

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