Book review: Chocolate shoes and wedding blues, Trisha Ashley

Trisha ChocShoescover

Tansy Poole inherits an old shoe shop which she transforms into the amazing shop ‘Cinderella’s Slippers’ where all brides can get shoes and accessories (even shoe shaped chocolates!) for the perfect wedding, if only her personal life was as successful!  Engaged to Justin, a man who has an obsession with trying to get Tansy a size 8 before they get married, she uses the shops success as refuge.

Then the new neighbour moves in next door, grumpy actor Ivo Hawksley who complains because he doesn’t like the noise in the shop and wants to buy it to extend his house.  He’s come to the village to mend his broken heart after losing his wife in a car accident and was expecting a quiet life to get on with his own business.  Ivo and Tansy have a rocky relationship to start off with and it doesn’t help that their ‘pets’ don’t get on, but with an arrangement that suits them both they begin to get along.

Trisha Ashleys books always have a positive effect on me when reading, not only is it easy to fall in love with all the characters (yes even the ones who aren’t very nice at all!) but I also love the way when reading this I’m hooked in and don’t want to listen to the outside world and could quite easily feel like it’s me selling wedding and chocolate shoes!


I love how this book is written and how Tansy manages her woes and strifes with baking, art, preserving and cooking.  I’m particularly impressed how she manages to lose weight with all the baking of cakes and pies she does (I would just eat as I bake!).  I can imagine Ivo having floppy hair like Hugh Grant, but maybe a manlier version!

I wonder if Aunt Nan knew exactly what was going to happen, I like to think she did….and WHAT was in that herbal medicine Meddyginiaeth Llysieuol aka Meddyg, it sounds to me like I could do with some of that stuff!

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