about me

I started to write poems and stories when I was about 11, enjoying English classes I wanted to be Lois Duncan when I was older. I would spend hours in my bedroom writing stories, a lot of the time I would say ‘I’m going to write a book’ but I’d never have the time to finish.

When I started blogging back in 2011 (on another blog site) I never thought it would come to much but over the years it’s gone from a diary to a place where I can have a bit of escapism, and now I have people to share it with too.

Then in 2013 I finished one of the stories I wrote as a teenager and made it into a novella…

Silouette on swing

I have also began a new love for sewing in the past ten years and love to make my own clothes!

Writing this blog has brought me a new type of confidence, and has got me connected with other writers, photographers, sewing enthusiasts, travellers and some hilarious procrastinators.

Then in 2016 after a round of IVF and ICSI we completed our family…he came 12 weeks early premature so he literally is our miracle. So now my blog now has another type of discussion including parenting as well as our adventures, my thoughts and feelings as I am thrown in to motherhood as an older mum.


My ‘day’ job is an administrator at the University of Southampton based in Hartley Library at the University, which I love because I love books and research.

Also who wouldn’t want to work in this beautiful building…..

Now come join me in my corner of the world, here, instagram, facebook or twitter.


  1. Hi Fiona!

    I think it was in my settings, I must’ve had set it up wrong but I’ve now changed it to being able to comment! Thank you for your positive comments and I shall follow you as I can see we have the same tastes 🙂

    Have a fab weekend x

  2. Hi, Clicked on your blog because of the name – great title – I’m also a HUGE fan of the colour purple 🙂 And a bit of a bookworm. Can’t work out how to leave a comment on that post though?! I’m probably being dim! Fiona

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